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Important: when registering, if you receive a postal code error message, please send an email to Jacquie at 

Please include:

- Name(s) of the child/ren
- Primary email address (used for tryouts, etc.)
- Your primary contact phone number

There is a glitch in the Hockey Canada Registry that they are trying to fix but in the meantime, send an email to Jacquie so that she can fix it for you. You will be notified when you can continue your registration.

We appreciate your patience.

We are volunteers and will answer your emails as soon as we can.


There will be 2 in person session to pay cash or help answer questions at East End Community Center

Aug 29 6-8  or Sept 5 6-8 pm

If you need to make alternate payment arrangements , please contact:Marion at

No CHECKS accepted.

September 5th is the deadline to register; after that date, fees of $100 will apply. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you are having any problems registering, please contact us

****Registration For Hockey Season Info!****

Installment Options for Credit Card Payments:

  1. Full Payment - When selected the full cost of your registration  is due at the time you register.

  2. 2 Installments - When selected you will be required to pay 50% of your total cost at the time of registration, and 50% of the remaining cost on October 1st. Card will automatically charge Oct 1st.
  3. Payments that do not go through, will be charged a $25 added fee .
  4. If you need to make a alternate payment arrangement contact treasurer. No Checks accepted. E-Transfers are accepted and cash only .
  5. Treasurer
  6. If payment is  not made on time, you will not be allowed on ice for TRYOUTS!
  7. If you need to apply for SUBSIDY - click external payment at end but you need to finish registration and bring to Club to apply.  (See Player Assistance tab for more info)


  1. If you want your child to play female hockey ensure you select the female option. 
  2. Contact vs Non-Contact Hockey  For players that select U15 and U18 hockey you will pick whether you want to play contact or non contact  hockey. This is an important selection so we can ensure we do not put any players in a contact evaluation that do not want to play contact hockey.

  3. Level of Play: U9 players can select between U9 “A” hockey and U9 “House Program”. U9 “A” hockey will involve tryouts and added fees once team made , U9 House is recreational house league hockey

  4. Ensure that one parent of the player you are registering has completed their Parent Respect In Sport and has linked that to the players being registered. The Parent RIS is different and separate from the coaching RIS. If you are a coach you will need to complete the Parent RIS in conjunction with Coaching RIS.


Practices/Tournaments/Team Functions

Teams will be responsible to pay for all team practices and tournaments. The fees are dependent on the number of practices/tournaments and the number of players on the team. 



TMHA will not be held responsible for players not being advised of skate session or try-out date/ times due to late payments of fees or not checking your email provided at registration.

*Member information will be provided to their home community club








Respect-In-Sport Parent Program- New Hockey Parents Only


Before you begin the registration process, please make sure you have completed the "Parent Respect In Sport Parent Program". If you have taken this already, you do not need to take it again. There is a $25 charge.

Hockey Manitoba Parent Respect in Sport

Additional information:

Not sure what your Respect in Sport number is?  
1) click on the link for this program
2) click on the 'Look up Certificate' Box, enter your first and last name and the important date (it is your birthday)
3) enter your username and password
4) click on profile on the top of the page
5) scroll down that page and you will see your number or click on my certifications on the left hand side of this page
IMPORTANT!!6) ensure all your children(s) are added in your profile. on child management which is also located on the left hand side underneath my certifications
7) ensure you click on the right association(TMHA)

Note: Even if you have a Respect-In-Sport registration number as a coach, manager, safety person you must complete the RIS Parent as well.