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Development Skates

Development Skates are for U9A (who clicked to do tryouts ) and U11. Emails with your group and skate times have been sent; if you did not receive an email, please check your Junk Folder before sending us an email. We suggest making a trusted sender to avoid important emails being missed.

If you have just registered, please allow some time for us to place your child in a group and send out your development skate times.

We will not take requests for certain groups or times.

06-Sep-23 Wed Ar1 5:15 PM U9D Group A
08-Sep-23 Fri Ar3 6:00 PM U9D Group A
10-Sep-23 Sun Ar1 10:45 AM U9D Group A
13-Sep-23 Wed Ar3 5:45 PM U9 D Group A


06-Sep-23 Wed Ar1 6:30 PM U9D Group B
08-Sep-23 Fri Ar3 4:45 PM U9D Group B
10-Sep-23 Sun Ar1 9:30 AM U9D Group B
13-Sep-23 Wed Ar3 7:00 PM U9D Group B


07-Sep-23 Thu Ar1 5:15 PM U11D Group A
09-Sep-23 Sat Ar2 11:00 AM U11D Group A
11-Sep-23 Mon Ar3 6:30 PM U11D Group A
15-Sep-23 Fri Ar1 6:30 PM U11D Group A


07-Sep-23 Thu Ar1 6:30 PM U11D Group B
09-Sep-23 Sat Ar2 9:45 AM U11D Group B
12-Sep-23 Tues Ar1 6:30 PM U11D Group B
14-Sep-23 Thu Ar3 5:45 PM U11D Group B


08-Sep-23 Fri Ar1 4:45 PM U11D Group C
09-Sep-23 Sat Ar2 12:15 PM U11D Group C
11-Sep-23 Mon Ar3 7:45 PM U11D Group C
14-Sep-23 Thu Ar3 7:00 PM U11D Group C