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Tryouts Info


It is important to note the following:

Evaluation groups are selected randomly and different groups will be on the ice at the same time.

There are 3 to 4 evaluators in the stands assessing the players; the coaches on the ice are not part of the evaluation team. Players are being assessed on skating ability, shooting, puck handling, passing, and game play.

Evaluations are not practice. Drills are specifically designed to assess the players' skill and ability; they are appropriately paced so that all players are assessed.

Evaluators are using their mobile devices to assign numerical scores based on pinnie colours and numbers; player names are not visible to evaluators. While they are all members of the Transcona hockey community, no evaluator has a child at that age level - no exception.

**Please refrain from approaching evaluators so that they may remain focused on observing and assessing all players.**

It will be up to you to watch website for changes of dates and times.

If you have not made a payment arrangement or not followed it, your child will not be allowed on the ice.

U7 and U9 (House League) teams are determined later in September and you will receive a email from your community  club.

Dates subject to change

Wed 27-Sep-23 6:30 PM Rink 1 A + B
Wed 27-Sep-23 7:45 PM Rink 1 C + D
Fri 29-Sep-23 6:30 PM Rink 1 E + F
Sun 01-Oct-23 10:00 AM Rink 1 C + F
Sun 01-Oct-23 11:15 AM Rink 1 B + E 
Sun 01-Oct-23 12:30 PM Rink 1 A + D
Mon 02-Oct-23 6:30 PM Rink 1 D + F
Mon 02-Oct-23 7:45 PM Rink 1 A + E
Mon 02-Oct-23 9:00 PM Rink 1 B + C
Thurs 05-Oct-23 5:30 PM Rink 2  
Thurs 05-Oct-23 6:45 PM Rink 2  
Thurs 05-Oct-23 9:00 PM Rink 2  
Fri 06-Oct-23 7:00 PM Rink 3  
Sat 07-Oct-23 3:00 PM Rink 1  
Tues 10-Oct-23 8:15 PM Rink 3